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Gimme Anime becomes Nani?Wear

Since April 2002, Gimme Anime has strove to provide the Best in Japanese Animation, Manga, and Toys to the Denver area, as well as conventions across the country. But as we all know; times change, consumer tastes change and new realities, and opportunities, arise. With that said, we are announcing that we will be ending Gimme Anime as an internet, convention and retail store in order to focus exclusively on our own Nani?Wear brand of geek-themed buttons, t-shirts, bumper sticker, keychains and more, that have become increasingly popular at conventions locally and around the country, as well as internet sales through our various web stores.

We wish to thank those of you who have stayed with us for the last 12 years. Your dedication as we attempted to provide the best service and selection that we could kept us going over the years. We also wish to thank those of you who consigned items to be sold through us. They have managed to help fill out our selection and provide our store with some distinct merchandise we could not have gotten anywhere else, allowing us to stand out from the herds of other anime vendors.

Gimme Anime will continue to exist as a legal entity for some time to come, as we inventory our remaining stock and consignments, and settle accounts as time will allow. Meantime, our Gimme Anime web page will point people in the direction of anime goods in Denver and Colorado. And should a new local bootleg-free store open up in the area, we will give them our support. Until then, we recommend you make the trip down to Colorado Springs and visit Rainy Day Anime

No More Saturday Appointments

We realize we are late about posting this, but we have decided to no longer accept Saturday appointments. Due to the increasing frequency that we are at conventions across the country, coupled with the fact that we need those Saturdays home in order to prep for the next conventions, we have decided it is better for all involved to just cancel the program. We do not like offering a service and then repeatedly have to say ‘no’ because our schedule won’t allow it. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.